Doolin, County Clare, Ireland
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Welcome to A Woman's Path Travel Retreats!


A Woman's Path invites you to take an adventure of a lifetime as we travel to interesting and exciting places.

Each travel retreat is designed for women-only, where every aspect of the trip is carefully planned to help make each woman feel comfortable and secure.

With a small group, you will be able to explore extraordinary sites, dine in cafes that offer regional cuisine, while staying at top-rated hotels and B&Bs.


You will return home with lifelong memories and a connection with like-minded women!


Not only will you be experiencing exceptional travel, but you will also be participating in inspiring retreat activities.

• Journaling your thoughts and experiences as a tool for personal growth & self-awareness.

• Mindfulness and meditation as an exercise for being present in the moment.

• Questionnaires that will guide you towards self-knowledge, self-care, and personal dreams.

Travel expands the heart & mind. Retreats open the heart & mind to self-awareness and self-care. Together, they are a perfect combination!


Like many women, you may want to travel but aren't interested in traveling alone. Yet, you also want to feel independent as you travel with others. A Woman's Path understands these feelings and works to create a balance between scheduled activities and relaxation on your own.

Of course, you need never be alone with all the amazing adventures being offered! And, best of all, you will be making new friends along the way!

And, when you feel the need to sit out an activity or just want to spend personal time exploring or resting, you are free to do so.  The trips are designed to enrich our lives, offer experiences, and also times of self-reflection.


When you decide to join a travel retreat with A Woman's Path, nearly all your expenses are included:

• Your hotel accommodations, whether single or double occupancy are included. • All breakfasts and dinners are included.

• All tipping is included. But, if you feel called to give extra, that is your choice. • All scheduled excursions and activities are included.

• All transportation, once the travel retreat begins, is included. Once you purchase your roundtrip ticket and travel insurance, you will only need to pay for your lunches, snacks, and any extras that you decide to purchase that aren't included in the final itinerary. 


Travel expands the heart & mind.

Retreats open the heart & mind to

self-awareness and self-care.


Together, they are a perfect combination!