In Pursuit of Clouds by Deanna Bates
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Block the sun sometimes

Gather for storms

Some little, some big

Drift above us - gathering,



Casting shadows on the ground

Like puddles

But if you look up,

They'll cool your tears,

Warm your face and 

Make you smile at their ever changing shapes.

It's good to keep an eye on the ground

But don't forget to look up for the



I'm privileged to introduce In Pursuit of Clouds, written by my friend and fellow facilitator, Deanna Bates.  

Deanna shares the stories and lessons that she has learned throughout her life, with heartfelt honesty.  Daughter of a rootless family, a teenage bride, wife of a cop, mother of an adopted daughter and teacher for over 25 years have all provided the backdrop for the stories of her life.  

Deanna states that "Get your head out of the clouds" never pertained to her.  She was responsible, always watching her feet, always fearful of taking a wrong step.  She stumbled, but always managed regained her balance.  

Then in her late forties, Deanna was diagnosed with a brain tumor that caused her to reassess her life and begin looking up!  She began to change her focus from what was beneath her to what was above her - in pursuit of clouds.

Deanna also gives deeper meaning to each of her stories with her expressive poetry.  You will find yourself reflecting on your own experiences as you read through each story.  At the end of each lesson, Deanna offers a Lesson Cloud.  The lesson gives you, the reader, an opportunity to reflect upon your own life and what you have learned along the way.


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Hush, child of me,

You'll be alright

You need to relax some...

Life isn't a fight.