Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland
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"Travel. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."
~ Inb Battuta


I love to travel!

And, I love all the planning that goes into the details. Tickets, lodging, tours, schedules with time changes, plus sticking to my budget, all need to be in place. Then there's the the right purse to carry, wardrobe choices, plus finding the most comfortable shoes possible.  Lastly, deciding which size suitcase to take, depending on the length and destination of my adventure. Packing and repacking to be sure it all fits.  Sticking closely to my packing list so that I don’t over-pack, which works well until just before I close the case when all those “what if items” start weighing heavily on my mind and my bag!

Whether I take a ride to Prairie Creek State Park, to admire the redwood trees, drive hundreds of miles to visit family and friends, or board an international flight to explore parts of the world, each one holds opportunities for excitement, growth, and lasting memories.


I like to refer to every trip I take, no matter how far or how long, as an Adventure! 


Every trip is filled with new experiences, exciting possibilities, and unknown encounters.  What more could you ask for!?!  I also know that travel of any kind opens my eyes to humanity.  Interacting with people of other cultures, traditions, or habits, provides me a chance to learn about the world and myself. 

My travels throughout: USA, Mexico, Peru, Ireland, England, France and Italy, have left a lasting impression on me.  I look forward to visiting new places and revisiting some favorites.  

Below, I have created blog posts with pictures of the countries I have visited.  I have created travel tips, travel requirements, and itineraries to consider.   Just click in any of the categories below.
















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"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."