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  • What is Mentoring?

"A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained."
~ Shawn Hitchcock

A mentor is a trusted adviser - Someone you can trust with your story, your emotions, and with your dreams.

A mentor is encouraging - She gives you hope when you feel hopeless. She offers encouragement and the help you need to keep going.

A mentor gives the recognition that you desire in your life…to be seen and heard. A mentor gently pushes and challenges you to move forward, even when you are afraid.

A mentor is a guide. She helps you view your path in ways that you haven’t been able to see. She finds a way to stimulate your personal growth. 


She inspires you to have the courage

to fulfill your hopes and dreams!


A mentor is inspiring. She has been there. She understands. She forged her own authentic path. She knows it is possible for you. She inspires you to have the courage to fulfill your hopes and dreams!

I want to help you make yourself a priority and make your dreams a reality.

I want to help you realize that you are much more than the many hats you wear: mother, daughter, wife, friend, employee, or boss.

I want to help you feel connected to yourself, as well as, everyone around you.

A mentor helps you see that you are so much more than the hats you wear.


"I heartily recommend Vicki's mentoring services!   She knew how to encourage me to open up to parts of my life which I have kept in darkness for many years.  She then offered me practical exercises to safely explore these places.I now have a path toward healing and growth!   I am so very grateful for Vicki's insights and her continuing support through this process."
~ Sue Z., CA


If you are at a crossroads in your life and are looking for support and guidance, then mentoring may be the perfect program for you.

With the opportunity for good conversation, coupled with the tools and exercises designed for your personal needs, you will be ready to live your life more fully, with confidence to make your dreams a reality!

Contact me at, or 707-496-0810, in order to discuss a program designed especially for you!

Please Note: A Woman’s Path Mentoring is designed to help women who are in a period of transition. While mentoring can be very helpful, it is not meant to be therapy. If you are currently under the care of a mental health professional, please ask their advice before obtaining mentoring services.